SnaxTree Corp. is dedicated to the commercialization of snacks conveniently located in South Florida U.S.A.

A geographical area known as the gateway to Latin America and the Caribbean is also filled with innovation, culture, international flavor and new consumer trends. This melting pot of ideas and culture constantly feeds our clients and therefore our portfolio with new and exciting products.

We service wholesalers, distributors, brokers and retailers committed to offering the best quality snacks to their clients. Our products can be found in modern and traditional retails as well as pharmacies, gas stations, and vending machines.

Today’s consumer is looking for innovative, healthy, delicious and natural consumer goods. Knowing more about their preferences and behaviors is the key to offer an accurate response to their needs and demands.

At SnaxTree we believe that the best way to answer consumer preferences is to work closely with the manufacturers. This translates into the design of new and exciting products, flavors, and packaging that will fulfill current market needs while creating value and success to the distribution channels.

SnaxTree’s management team has over 60 years of combined experience in consumer goods, branding, finance and marketing in the USA and Latin America.

We are ready to listen to your needs, learn about your market and work together to bring your innovative, delicious and natural snacks to consumers in a successful and profitable way.


Cereal bars turned into balls. These crunchy, tasty and full of the right stuff snacks come in
three different flavors:
• Peanuts and raisins
• Choco peanuts
• Orange and pecans
All available in a variety of sizes and packages.

A crunchy and rich mix of nuts that come in three different flavors:
• Green mix
• Candied peanuts
• Blue mix
All available in a variety of sizes and packages.

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